Parent Members (Sponsor Members)

Becoming a Sponsor Member can have advantages for Parents in that it enables parents to participate and assist with activities and transportation.

All parents are encouraged to become Sponsor Members and assist with the operations of your Cadet’s Squadron.

An excerpt of the regulations is shown below for informational purposes, and like all members over 18, there is a mandatory FBI Background check and Cadet Protection Training included.



5-1. General. Cadet Sponsor Member (CSM)is a membership category established to allow parents, grandparents and guardians of current CAP cadets to assist their unit’s cadet program by providing adult supervision, transportation, overnight chaperons, and any other CADET related tasks deemed necessary and proper by the unit
commander. A cadet sponsor member is a financial supporter who maintains current membership through payment of annual dues, but does not participate in any capacity except as outlined below.

  1. CSMs will pay annual national membership dues (see attachment 1 for actual amount required). They are exempt from paying region, wing, or squadron dues.
  2. They receive a specially annotated membership card.
  3. They must be assigned to the same unit as their cadet child, grandchild or ward.
  4. They must complete Level I and Cadet Protection Program training prior to associating in any way with CAP cadets.
  5. They may ride in or drive a corporate vehicle after receiving a CAP motor vehicle operator identification card in accordance with CAPR 77-1 and in support of their approved tasks.
  6. They may ride (as a passenger only) on CAP air transportation if available.
  7. CSMs may not act as crew members of CAP or privately owned aircraft in support of CAP events or missions.
  8. They may wear any of the CAP distinctive uniforms if desired (and approved by unit commander). However, CSMs may not wear the Air Force-style uniform. If they do not wear a uniform, they will wear clothing appropriate for the circumstances and the distinctive nametag.
  9. CSMs will not earn CAP rank, awards, or decorations.
  10. Their membership stays in effect until their cadet leaves the CAP program for any reason.

5-2. Membership Eligibility. CSMs must be a parent, grandparent or legal guardian of an active CAP cadet and meet all the regular senior member eligibility criteria outlined in paragraph 3-2.

5-3. Application Procedures.
Individuals applying for CSM must complete a CAPF 12, annotated in red across the top “CADET SPONSOR.” They must also indicate the full name and serial number of the cadet member he or she is supporting on the CAPF 12. The unit commander must submit a FD Form 258, FBI Applicant Fingerprint Card, and check for membership dues to National Headquarters with the application after approval. Once the application is processed by National Headquarters, the sponsor member will receive a specially annotated membership card and a special blazer-style nametag.

5-4. Membership Year. The
membership year commences on the date the individual’s application is processed by National Headquarters and terminates 1 year later on the last day of the month in which the membership application is processed by National Headquarters. In the event the applicant is not accepted by National Headquarters, membership dues will be refunded and membership will become null and void.

5-5. Membership Renewal.
National Headquarters will automatically contact each member 60 days in advance of the membership expiration date. The renewing member forwards renewal dues directly to National Headquarters. The membership renewal policy outlined for senior members in Chapter 4 of this regulation also applies to CSM members.

5-6. Transfer to Active Membership.
Cadet sponsor members may transfer to active membership status (at no additional cost for the remaining membership year) by submitting a CAPF 2a. Section II, Duty Assignment/Status Change, will be used, i.e., transfer from “Cadet Sponsor” to “Active Status.” The original copy will be forwarded directly to National Headquarters and the file copy placed in the individual’s personnel file.