Cadet Membership

Welcome to Squadron 85! We are glad that you are interested in joining our squadron as a member of the United States Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol.

Becoming a Cadet Member is a fairly easy process.
Here is a collection of  information that we think is critical for you to know in considering whether to join/have your child join CAP.

In order to join as a cadet, you need to be between the ages of 12-18.

Cadet Program:

The cadet program includes learning and testing in leadership, emergency services, drill and ceremonies, customs and courtesies, chain of command, memory work such as the Cadet Oath, and Aerospace Education modules. To promote, a cadet must be actively attending squadron meetings and additional activities outside the squadron as well as studying and passing written tests on leadership and aerospace education. Memory work must be known for promotions as well. Physical training, known as PT, takes place once a quarter and is centered around standardized requirements.


All recruits are required to attend at least 3 meetings before deciding whether to join CAP. You will be able to participate in a limited extent in the meeting activities. At your first meeting, you will be able to meet other squadron members, as well as cadet staff members who are in charge of training new cadets. Information is given to parents and perspective cadets throughout the first three meetings.

On or after the third meeting, a recruit may request to have a Membership Review Board. In order for this meeting to take place, the recruit should be certain that he or she wants to join CAP and have the items listed below, turned into the Recruiting Officer. If all items are correct and complete, the Recruiting Officer will recommend a Membership Review Board to the Deputy Commander for Cadets.

Items to turn in and have reviewed by the Recruiting Officer include:

  • One check made payable to Civil Air Patrol in the amount of $25.00. Indicate the name of the recruit in the memo section of the check. This will enable you to receive your squadron t-shirt and patch.
  • Arrange to have a parent attend with you to meet with the Commander and complete you Application online.

If a recruit is recommended to join, and after completing the online application and payments, you will receive your recruit’s CAP ID number at the conclusion of the process. The cadet staff will assist you in establishing your e-services account to continue your Great Start program and your new CAP journey.

From the time a CAP ID is issued, the recruit is an official member of CAP and may fully participate in activities.  The new cadet will receive a CAP ID card within about the same time period. The new cadet should always carry this ID with him or her at CAP activities.

Grooming Standards

An important consideration for anyone considering whether to join CAP is the grooming standards that have been adopted directly from the United States Air Force.

For males, the hair must be neatly combed, no longer than one inch in length on the top of the head and not touching the ears; fad hairstyles are against regulations. Facial hair is not permitted for Cadets.

For females, the hair must be neatly combed back into a bun at the nape of the neck; hair is to be styled with products to keep it from coming lose or having stray or fly away hair. This is not a comprehensive list but gives a recruit an idea of the standards.

Colognes are not worn by male or female cadets.

A recruit should talk to a flight sergeant regarding any questions he or she has on grooming standards. Grooming standards at Squadron 85 will be strictly enforced. For more detailed information on CAP grooming standards, please reference the CAPM 39-1, our official regulation on uniform and grooming standards.


The wearing of a uniform is a serious matter in the organization of CAP. Standards for the uniform and for grooming must be met and maintained to have the privilege of wearing the uniform. Please read this information very carefully. Wearing a CAP uniform is a privilege reserved for members. No one is to wear a uniform that has not been approved for membership.

What to wear to squadron meetings as a Recruit?

The correct attire for a recruit is jeans and a black T-shirt, with no writing or logos. As you attend the squadron, the willingness you demonstrate to uphold CAP’s uniform standards right from the beginning is an important aspect in judging your overall readiness for the CAP cadet program.

DO NOT buy or wear a uniform unless or until you have been formally approved to join Civil Air Patrol. The process of membership will be explained in this information.

Now let’s Join

Here’s how to start: As a new cadet,can start the process here at the National Site: Cadet Application Portal